Five Graduate School alumni inducted

Monday, May 27, 2019
Diversity Hall of Fame Inductees

Five UNH Graduate School alumni were among the recent inductees into the Diversity Hall of Fame.

The Diversity Hall of Fame Alumni Awards are given to UNH graduates to recognize their accomplishments and commitment to social justice and equity. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus; work to foster progress toward respectful attitudes, behaviors, and standards; as well as encouraging difference at UNH and beyond. Recipients promote diversity and inclusion through mentoring and assisting others.

Awardees were honored at a dinner and ceremony in Durham on May 4.

2019 Diversity Hall of Fame Inductees

Malik Aziz '99 – COLA

Kristin Forselius '95, '01G - COLA

Daphne Galatas '15, '18G – UNH Manchester and Graduate School

James Mack '00G – CEPS

Andres Mejia '14, '18G – CHHS

Selina Taylor '07, '15G –COLA

Casey Thomas '08 –COLA

Paul Tosi '74 –COLA