A letter from HR

Monday, February 25, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The start of 2019 marks the beginning of some important updates to your University System of New Hampshire leave benefits. Following up on the initial announcement by President Dean last term, we are launching a new leave benefits program supported by a time management system in July, called UTime. The program will provide comprehensive leave benefits and help close many of the gaps in coverage that our employees experience under current programs.

In this initiative we incorporated feedback from both inside and outside USNH, most importantly, from the direct experiences of employees over the years. We also heard from an employee led task force, employee councils, the System HR Council, HR professionals throughout USNH and benchmark studies to inform the design of the program.

UTime pulls together all paid time-off benefits into a single, comprehensive program for both salary paid and hourly paid employees, to meet a wide range of our community needs. These include paid personal and sick time, parental leave, short-term disability, community service and more. Employees will have greater flexibility — and the financial support — to recover from an illness or injury, deal with a personal situation or help a family member with a serious illness and then return to work recharged and focused.

A time-management system is the second pillar of UTime, and we are introducing Kronos Workforce Dimensions — an online tool replacing current methods of documenting hours worked or tracking time off through WISE, excel spreadsheets and other paper transactions.

Please visit our website at www.unh.edu/hr/utime to access the program overview along with a link to frequently asked questions. Additionally, we are holding information sessions on all three campuses. The schedule of these sessions can be found here. We plan to hold more sessions as needed and encourage any team, department or individual to reach out to us for more information. We will attend department/team/committee meetings as invited or meet with individuals. Please reach out to your HR Partner or contact the benefits team at HR.Benefits@unh.edu or 603-862-0504.

Thank you,

Kathy Neils
Chief Human Resources Officer