Starting in January, all payroll cycles with be combined

Monday, October 22, 2018

Starting in January, USNH will combine the exempt (salaried) and non-exempt (hourly) payroll cycles into a single payroll cycle with a common pay date.

For all exempt employees, the timing of your paychecks over the first four pay periods of 2019 will gradually shift one business day until you start receiving your paycheck on the same dates as non-exempt employees.

If you are an exempt employee, only your paycheck date will change; your bi-weekly compensation will not change and will continue to reflect your gross earnings (your compensation before taxes and deductions) for the work period. However, the delay caused by this transition will result in one less paycheck processed in 2019 than in a standard year. As a result, any payroll deductions will be slightly higher as the annual amount due will be spread over one fewer paycheck.

Why Change the Payroll Cycle?

Currently, the USNH Payroll Office processes exempt and non-exempt paychecks on alternate bi-weekly schedules. Exempt employees receive paychecks a week earlier than non-exempt employees based on the anticipation that they will complete the full work period instead of waiting until the work period ends to process payroll. By adopting this new payroll processing practice, we will:

  • Create consistent payroll processing for all employees;
  • Streamline supervisor and payroll workload;
  • Reduce payroll corrections and retroactive processing for exempt employees;
  • Improve ongoing and future implementations of new systems such as benefits administration platforms and time and attendance systems.

Starting March 15, 2019, the fifth paycheck of the year, exempt and non-exempt employees will receive their paycheck on the same day.

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