President highlights time/leave policy and payroll processing changes planned

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

UNH President Jim Dean
President Dean

Dear Colleagues,

USNH, in collaboration with all the campuses, will be making important changes to our time/leave policies and payroll processing to address workplace needs and offer best-practice programs and services. These changes will make our programs and services not only consistent and equitable for all employees but also more responsive to the way people need and use time away from work. We are announcing the changes well in advance of their effective dates to ensure that you have time to plan and that we as an organization have the systems in place to administer a smooth transition.

This USNH Human Resources Bulletin provides more detail about what to expect, but in summary, changes will be made in three areas:

  • Move to a single, system-wide payroll cycle in early 2019;
  • Improve the system we use to track and administer time and attendance;
  • Introduce comprehensive and consistent time/leave benefits in July 2019.

These changes are a continuation of strategic efforts over the past several years to modernize our employee benefits, services and work environment. Many thanks to the cross-functional teams, led by the Human Resources Executive Council, that spearheaded the 18-month effort to make these changes. These teams gathered input and insights from employees throughout the organization as well as external consultants to evaluate our policies and procedures against best practices in both higher education and general industry. Their goal was to address variations in benefits among our employees while also simplifying and standardizing programs.

In the coming weeks and months, you will receive much more information about these changes. Please watch for these communications and take the time to understand what these changes mean for you.

As I am getting to know our university, I am constantly amazed by the incredible work you do. These changes will bring us to a best-in-class leave program to reflect appreciation for your dedication and the valuable role you play in achieving our mission.

Thank you,


James W. Dean Jr.