Study abroad gives students a new perspective on college

Friday, May 25, 2018
UNH student Claire McCarthy '18 during a study abroad experience in Argentina

DANCING THROUGH ARGENTINA  |  Salinas Grandes, Argentina  Claire McCarthy ’18
“The Salinas Grandes (salt flats) are located in northwestern Argentina, close to the Bolivian border. We were lucky enough to drive our car onto the flats, accompanied by a guide who helped us better understand the flats by explaining their science."

For some students, it’s a part of college as important as living in a dorm or studying a certain subject: taking a term or even a year to study abroad. Each year, some 700 Wildcats travel, taking advantage of the more than 500 programs UNH partners with in 39 different countries, on every continent except Antarctica. For some of these students, it’s a chance to scratch an itch and experience a different campus or culture. For others, it’s a step toward a future in the Foreign Service, the Peace Corps or a permanent move abroad.

Since 2005, UNH’s Global Education Center has invited students to submit a favorite photo or two from their study-abroad experience to an online contest, shared on its Facebook page. We’ve included some of our favorites from 2017 here — images that not only bear out the old axiom about their worth relative to 1,000 words but also capture how the world looks through the eyes, iPhones and camera lenses of current Wildcats.

Julia Frechette '18
THE BLUE CITY Chefchaouen, Morocco  Julia Frechette '18


Photo by Leah Nisbet '18
SUNSET ON RAILAY BEACH  |  Krabi, Thailand  |  Leah Nisbet '18
"This extraordinary sunset was captured during our program dinner on the beach. Even the locals enjoyed it down by the water!"


Photo by Tali Cherim '18
VIEW FROM THE TOUR PHILIPPE LE BON  |  Dijon, France  |  Tali Cherim '18


Carter Kelley '18 in Morrocco
RIDING CAMELS IN MOROCCO  |  Kingdom of Morocco  |  Carter Kelley '18


Photo by Sarah Johnston '18
REFLECTION  |  Highlands of Scotland  |  Sarah Johnston '18
“When I took this photo, our tour guide said that he had not seen the reflection in the loch so clear in the last five years that he had been giving tours. It was incredible. Being of Scottish heritage, this tour and the photos I have from Scotland mean that much more to me."


Photo by Haley Dunning '19
WALKWAY  |  Leshan, Sichuan province, China  |  Haley Dunning '19


Photo by Nicole Collin '18
THEATRE AT EPIDAVROS  |  Epidaurus (Epidavros), Greece  |  Nicole Collin '18


Photo by Courtney Kamyk '18
ELEPHANT  |  Chobe National Park, Botswana  |  Courtney Kamyk '18