Monday, February 12, 2018
All of the members of TKE lined up in the Strafford Room at UNH

Greek life has many aspects that are crucial for the growth of students. Some of the most important aspects are the social, educational and leadership skills you learn and the opportunities down the line that Greek life provides. Being a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) here at UNH has changed my life tremendously. Now, I have almost 80 brothers that have my back for life.

Coming from a city where I'd had the same friends since childhood made making new friends a little nerve-wracking for me, but stepping out and attending rush was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everyone was so welcoming, and I truly found my place and my people during the spring semester of my freshman year.

From finding friends for life to getting involved on campus, TKE has done it all for me. Through our philanthropy partnership with the children of St. Jude, the community service we partake in, our involvement in campus activities, and the networking opportunities we are given, TKE truly is a resume booster and completes my college experience. Since TKE has done so much for me, I wanted to reach out to some of my brothers to find out how the fraternity and overall Greek life here on campus has impacted them. 

Corey Giallongo '19

UNH Tales:​ What made you want to join Greek life here at UNH?

Giallongo: My two main reasons for joining Greek life at UNH stem from individuals I knew before I rushed. I saw that my friends from high school and new friends here had already fallen in love with their Greek experiences in our very first semester, and I wanted to give it a shot my spring semester freshman year. 

TKA at U Day

UNH Tales:​ Why did you choose Tau Kappa Epsilon?

Giallongo: Tau Kappa Epsilon brought a batch of gentlemen together who I otherwise may not have been honored to meet and call my brothers now. Initially, I was impressed by the approachability, honesty and campus projects they had going on. Each rush event allowed me to meet more and more guys who I felt were genuine and worth my next four years here at school. 

UNH Tales:​ How did joining TKE complete your UNH experience?

Giallongo: It combined the professionalism of a well-run organization with the fun and engagement of a group of college guys who all had mindsets and visions that aligned with mine. It gives a great sense of family away from ours back home. 

UNH Tales: How has TKE shaped your life skills and goals? 

Giallongo: TKE has helped me in developing my time management skills even further as the balance with classes and work becomes vital. It has given me the opportunity to apply myself to committees that strive to improve our organization internally and our external image with our campus, community and peers, alike. In addition, it has also given me improved social skills, as it certainly grows one's personal network. The experiences on a day-to-day basis that combine to give these skills are undoubtedly going to assist me in my career path in the business world. 

UNH Tales: What is something important that you have learned by being involved in TKE?

Giallongo: By being in TKE I have learned that college is not just about the classroom. While academics are extremely important and should be valued, it is also important to gain skills that come from being in a fraternity or similar organization. 

UNH Tales: Why should students come out and rush TKE?

Giallongo: Students should come out and rush TKE because it is truly the most tight-knit Greek organization on campus. There is not one person out of my 78 brothers who I would not do anything for at a given time. It shapes you socially, professionally and morally. You enter TKE as a boy and leave as a man. The best decision I made in my life was coming to UNH, and the best decision I made at UNH was joining TKE.

Daniel Safsel '20

UNH Tales: How does TKE give back to the school and the community?

Safsel: We participate in community service, where every brother is expected to complete 10 hours of community service. We also raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It is a great way to interact with the community and help those who need the extra hand. 

UNH Tales: How has TKE affected you socially since you have joined? 

Safsel: I've been able to create a strong friend group that I feel will last me my entire life. I always feel like there is something for me to do, whether that is go to social events like football and hockey games or going to grab some food at HoCo with a couple friends. TKE has allowed me to constantly have social interactions, which, coming into college it is sometimes hard to create connections and find your social group. 

Bryce Wydra '20

UNH Tales: What are some of the major benefits you gained by joining TKE? 

TKE after winner intramural soccer championship

Wydra: Since joining TKE I have gained many benefits, but there are some that stand out to me more than others. The major ones include having a sense of brotherhood, a great network for jobs after college and doing things that benefit the community. Before joining I didn’t realize how much TKE would change my life forever, and how it would set me up to have a brighter future. 

UNH Tales: How did TKE expand and diversify your friend group?

Wydra: I like to think that TKE is so special in the fact that our brothers come from all different backgrounds, and that pulls us together. Everyone brings something different to the table, and because of this we can accomplish anything. I went from having five friends to having 78 brothers, and it is something I am thankful for everyday. 

UNH Tales: How does TKE affect you academically?

Wydra: Since joining TKE my academics have improved because of the great network that we offer. We hold study groups weekly, and we are all very driven in school and motivate each other to do better. Also, older brothers can recommend teachers that fit my learning style better, which really helps with picking classes. 

UNH Tales: What kinds of opportunities will TKE open for you down the line?

Wydra: Since TKE has such good networking with alumni, it will make finding jobs after college much easier. For example, my big brother found a marketing internship through an alumni, and he got a job opportunity to work there after college.