Thursday, October 19, 2017

Of UNH Law graduates who took the bar for the first time in Massachusetts in summer 2017, 100 percent passed.

UNH Law’s first-time taker pass rate for the July 2017 Massachusetts bar exam was higher than the first-time taker pass rate at all law schools in Massachusetts except for Harvard Law School, which also had 100 percent passage. The first-time taker pass rate for all schools outside of Massachusetts was 85.5 percent, according to the Board of Bar Examiners for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“Our graduates did an outstanding job on the July 2017 Massachusetts bar exam,” said UNH Law Dean Megan Carpenter. “UNH Law’s perfect first-time pass rate here is a testament to the talent and drive of UNH Law alumni. It also reflects our school-wide commitment to integrating bar readiness into students’ experience from the very beginning.”

“We are delighted to cheer as our alums cross that final finish line from law study to law practice,” added Associate Professor and Director of Academic Success Leah Plunkett. “We work with all UNH Law students on building their personal tool-kit of skills to excel at law school, on the bar exam, and in law practice. Whether it’s fostering focus and wellness at free on-campus yoga classes, getting individualized feedback from faculty on practice exam questions, or other activities, our students have many diverse opportunities to learn about how they can learn and perform their best.”

Earlier this month, UNH Law shared its 94.1 percent first-time taker pass rate for the July 2017 New Hampshire bar exam