Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Thompson Hall

Dear Members of the UNH Community,

Yesterday, the Trump Administration unveiled a new executive order regarding immigration that is scheduled to take effect March 16, 2017. While some of the most significant challenges posed by the administration’s earlier executive order have been addressed, we join with leaders of research universities across the nation to continue to express serious concern about curtailing lawful immigration to the United States.

We have asked our colleagues in the Office of International Students and Scholars to study the executive order carefully so the university can continue to provide guidance and the necessary support to international students, faculty and staff whose plans may be affected. UNH, like all flagship public research universities, benefits immeasurably from the scholarly, cultural and other contributions made by members of our community who come from outside the U.S. We have been heartened to see the Wildcat community come together during recent weeks to support one another. We have also had the opportunity to meet many more of our international students, faculty and staff to hear first-hand about their own and their families’ concerns.

Please know that we are doing everything possible—including continued direct communication with our elected representatives in Washington—to ensure that UNH is a welcoming and supportive university with global reach. 


Mark W. Huddleston

UNH President


Nancy Targett