UNH Respects the Rights of ALL in Organizing Process

Monday, September 19, 2016
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Dear Colleagues,

We have received questions about the NEA’s message last week to UNH staff regarding employees’ right to organize and the governor’s letter confirming those rights. We couldn’t agree more with the governor’s statements. Please see the university’s response to the governor’s letter below.   


Understanding your rights was the subject of a message I sent on  September 7. Today is an excellent time to remind employees that while the NEA has the right to express its opinion about UNH employees organizing, UNH employees also have an equally important right to express their opinions not to organize.

An increasing number of UNH staff have expressed that they would like to know more about what they can do to express their position on this matter. We are committed to ensuring that all opinions about organizing are heard. 

—Kathy Neils
Chief Human Resources Officer

Read more in Your Voice Matters, a series of communications from university leadership to provide clarity about efforts to unionize UNH staff, where you can also submit questions and feedback.

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