Monday, September 26, 2016

UNH students walking in College Woods
College Woods

Calling all UNH runners! Are you new to UNH or to running? Have no fear, our beautiful campus and surrounding area have numerous running possibilities. Here are some on- and off-campus running spots we are sure you will love.

College Woods

Located west of most campus buildings is a scenic wooded area known to UNH students as College Woods. If you love trail running, this might be your new favorite spot. Each trail intertwines with another that leads you right back to campus. For you shy new runners, this might also be your secluded running getaway, a judgement-free zone (come on, we’ve all thought that).

West Foss Farm

Right off Mill Road, on the south of campus, you’ll find West Foss Farm, another hot spot for trail runners. This one starts off encompassed by woods, opens up to a beautiful field before being transformed back into a wooded labyrinth. This is also a great place for new runners as the trail is almost all flat.

Wagon Hill Farm

Here’s one for those of you with some form of transportation: Located about 10 minutes east of campus is Wagon Hill Farm. This site features plenty of flat running trails and fantastic views of both the Oyster and Piscataqua Rivers. Definitely a must for those who like to run by the water.

Wagon Hill Farm
Wagon Hill Farm, Durham, NH

Mill Road

Trail running may not be for everyone. For all you street runners, here’s an option right off campus. Mill Road is on the south side of campus, starting up by Durham Market Place. This winding road offers amazing New Hampshire scenery without having to venture into the woods.

Old Landing Road

If you like running by the water, but have no car to get there, here’s your best bet. Old Landing Road runs right along a small portion of Oyster River. I normally run through Faculty neighborhood (right off Mill Road), cross Newmarket Road to Old Landing, and circle right back via Main Street.

Runner's Guide to Durham
View from the beginning of Old Landing Road

That’s it Wildcats— pick your favorite spot, grab your sneakers and get out there! Wildcat Country is waiting for you!