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Friday, February 22, 2019
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With the regular Winter Parking Ban (WPB) in effect, there are restrictions every night during the WPB, regardless of weather conditions. As usual, though, the WPB restrictions have two status levels: standard and full. You can determine the nightly status by dialing 862-1001 for recorded information. The complete description of restrictions and options is posted at

Faculty/staff permit-holders are reminded the parking regulations include limitations on “excessive overnighting” applying to those without a 24-hour campus resident permit. Specifically:  “Continual (semi-permanent storage), protracted (more than 60 consecutive hours) or excessive overnight (more than 15 instances per year) parking in (open parking) areas without specific permission from Transportation Services is not allowed.”


Saturday, Feb. 23:  Prospective Student Visit Day, B Lot closed during the day for attendees

Tuesday, Feb. 26:  Career & Internship Fair at the Whit will cause the closure of D Lot, Moiles and Campus Crossing lots. Furthermore, there is an Admitted Students Day event going on which will put the remaining visitor lots at capacity with overflow into S Lot a possibility.

Thursday, Feb. 28:  Retirement part at EAC, 50 spaces in D Lot.

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Huy Le '18 | Communications and Public Affairs