Monday, May 2, 2016
edited by Luis Correa-Díaz and Scott Weintraub

Editorial Universidad Central (2016)

"Poéticas y poesías digitales/electrónicas/tecnos/New-Media en América Latina: Definiciones y exploraciones," translated as "Digital Poetry and Poetics—Electronic—Techno—New Media in Latin America," includes twenty essays that analyze new media poetics in a variety of Latin American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and the U.S. This book comes on the heels of a recently-published "sampling" of digital poetry in the Chilean poetry journal "AErea: Anuario hispanoamericano de poesía" (January 2016), edited by Luis Correa-Díaz (available for purchase on as a Kindle book). This publication from Ediciones Universidad Central is available as an open-access e-book, with distribution through a Creative Commons 2.5 license.