Thursday, April 21, 2016
UNH fine arts major Harry Wolfson-Slepian '16

Harry Wolfson-Slepian '16

The Undergraduate Research Conference Naked Arts - Creativity Exposed (Act II) event on Thursday brought poets, painters and playwrights to the Paul Creative Arts Center, where they presented their artistic research endeavors before an audience in the Museum of Art.

Photographer Harry Wolfson-Slepian '16 said his project gave him “an opportunity to explore my own feelings in intimacy, vulnerability and self-acceptance.”

“I found it really cathartic, opening up with them in the process.”

The senior fine arts major photographed other people as stand-ins for himself.

“I found it really cathartic, opening up with them in the process,” he says.

His portraits hung on the museum walls during the event.

Wolfson-Slepian credits his faculty advisors with much of his growth as an artist.

“Working with Julee (Holcombe) and Michael (Cardinali) for the past three years has been really incredible,” he says. “Especially in Michael’s large format class; I learned so much about photography that was crucial to my growth and my ability to create this project,” he says. “Leah (Woods) has been a great resource this year; she's been incredibly supportive.”


Julee Holcombe is associate professor of art; Michael Cardinali is a lecturer in art and art history; and Leah Woods is associate professor of art in the College of Liberal Arts. 

Don’t miss Naked Arts Act III on Friday, April 22, from 12:15 – 1 p.m. in the Granite State Room at the MUB.

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