Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Jack Hoza

Jack Hoza, professor and director of ASL/English Interpreting, was invited to speak at this year's Department of Interpretation Colloquium Lecture Series at Gallaudet University on March 4. In his lecture, titled "Interpreting in the Zone: New Research on How Interpreters Achieve Their Best Work," Hoza highlighed some of the findings of his new book to be released by Gallaudet University Press in May, 2016.

Hoza presented the lecture in American Sign Language, with interpretation into spoken English. One of Gallaudet's staff interpreters of the lecture was Amanda Eger, who graduated from UNH Manchester's ASL/English Interpreting program in 2002.

The Department of Interpretation Colloquium Lecture Series website describes Hoza's presentation as follows: "An 'in-the-zone' experience is a peak experience that happens when professionals are completely absorbed in their work and are performing at their best, where their skills and judgment rise to the challenges before them. In this lecture,  Dr. Jack Hoza highlights findings from two studies reported in his forthcoming book, Interpreting in the Zone: How the Conscious and Unconscious Function in Interpretation (Gallaudet University Press).  He [reviewed] both studies: an interview study, which involved filming and interviewing both novice and experienced interpreters, and a national survey of certified interpreters. He also [explored] how interpreters can have more in-the-zone experiences."

The lecture is available online here from March 9 to 23.