Theresa Conn '14, '15G

Friday, July 10, 2015
Theresa Conn '14, '15G

So dedicated to the art of relaxation is Theresa Conn ’14 ’15G that as a UNH undergrad she cofounded a club dedicated it. Still going strong, it’s not uncommon to come across members of the Hammock Club literally hanging out across campus.

“If that’s my legacy, that’s pretty good,” jokes Conn — which perhaps makes it surprising that someone so passionate about lounging has also taken on one of the most taxing physical feats known to humankind, completing the 2015 Boston Marathon in April.

The Billerica, Mass., native has had her sights set on Boston since 2011, when she was on Cape Cod for a summer internship; her roommate was a runner in training for the Olympic trials. “Seeing her passion, I decided to run a 5K,” Conn says.

She trained for a half marathon the next year and ran it just two weeks after the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2013.

“Being from the Boston area, and being in full training for the half, it affected me deeply,” Conn says. “It was in the back of my head then to do Boston.”

Last November, Conn began training in earnest, pounding the pavement four times a week between classes in UNH’s one-year accelerated MBA program, her part-time job at the Memorial Union Building and a spring break trip to China with her MBA class. She also began fundraising, bringing in more than $5,000 for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, an organization near and dear to her heart.

All of Conn’s hard work paid off — on the streets of Boston, and back in Durham, too.  Less than a month after crossing the finish line on Boylston Street, she crossed Memorial Field to claim her MBA.


Originally published in UNH MagazineSpring/Summer 2015 Issue

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