Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UNH degrees: Natural science and chemistry
Currently lives in: Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Please share highlights of your career or occupational experiences.
Firefighters, paramedic, fire lieutenant (retired) Clearwater Fire Department.

Overall highlight(s) and/or life achievements since graduating.
I graduated from Meharry Medical College in 2001 with MD degree, and completed my residency in psychiatry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2005.

How and what were you involved with on campus when you attended UNH?
First black trainer for the Athletic Department, primarily the basketball team.

What were some of your accomplishments as a student here at UNH, and as a pioneering black student at UNH?
I was president of student Black House; I participated in the 1969 sit-in at T-Hall which resulted positive changes at UNH.

What is one of your favorite UNH memories?
Seeing snow and making snowballs for the first time.

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