“Pay and Display” Hourly Parking Pay Stations Installed at UNH

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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pay and display parking meter

A pay parking station at UNHNew “Pay and Display” parking pay station kiosks have been installed on the University of New Hampshire’s Durham campus. The kiosks will provide pay-per-hour parking permits in lots and many campus parking spaces that were formerly regulated by traditional parking meters or an attendant.

Like downtown Durham and several nearby communities, UNH will employ a “Pay & Display” method, where a paper dashboard permit is purchased at the pay station and placed in the vehicle during its stay. Machines accept coins and major credit cards, but no bills and the machines do not give change. The rate is $1.25 per hour except at the Visitor Information Center parking lot, where the rate is $1.00 per hour. Different lots have different maximum time, ranging from two to 12 hours. Payment is required weekdays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The meters installed at UNH are compact, rugged and solar powered. The flexible technology includes several innovative features for new and eventual development of the campus parking program. For instance, coupon codes can be created to accommodate guests to scheduled campus events. Web-based technology on the back end can help monitor use, trends, detect servicing needs and more.

UNH has installed 17 pay stations, with plans for another 15 to follow in phase two next year. Presently there are kiosks installed in the Visitor Information Center lot, the Main Street visitor lot, Lot C, Lot R (Health Services), Quad Way, Academic Way, Morse Hall lot, Morrill Hall lot, Brook Way, Lot Z (Memorial Field), the Service Building, and the UNH Dairy Bar. Some traditional single-space parking meters are still installed in certain areas for additional hourly parking. Most of UNH parking remains by assigned parking permits.

For more information, visit www.unh.edu/transportation.