Thompson School's New Vet Tech Program Offers Hands-on Experience

Thursday, August 8, 2013
student examining kitten at vet hospital

Tasha Dooley '14 perfects her procedural techniques each day on the job at the Cocheco Valley Humane Society. When handled skillfully, animals remain calm.

With a five-year-old son, a husband who works full-time while also going to school, and a part-time job at a local animal shelter, Tasha Dooley ’14, a dual major in applied animal science and vet tech, says, “We have to be very level-headed about priorities.”

Both Dooley and her husband are former military police officers who served in Iraq. “Now we’re working hard at everything in order to succeed,” she says.

Initially, Dooley took an online course to study animal care, but found that hands-on learning was critical. “In class, we learned how to do blood draws, CPR, take vital signs, and read visual signs such as labored breathing,” says Dooley. “At work, I use and perfect these skills every day.” Dooley says, “I really enjoy working with people and their pets and being part of a highly qualified staff.”

After graduating, Dooley plans to work either at a veterinarian practice or in a diagnostic lab. She also looks forward to seeing the Thompson School’s vet tech program grow.

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