Maples Get a Closer Look, Thanks to a Generous Donor

Thursday, March 15, 2012
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UNH scientists

Kelly Hanson Ornell '80, John Ornell '80 and analytical chemistry Ph.D. candidate Elizabeth Brady.

The UNH chemistry department rang in the year with a new liquid chromatography mass spectrometry system. Designed to take a complex liquid and break it down into its components, the instrument will be used for a variety of research projects, including the maple sap analysis described in the Fall 2011 issue of the UNH Magazine. "It's a tremendous advance for our lab," says Sterling Tomellini, professor of chemistry, noting that the instrument is also a wonderful teaching tool, providing students with experience in using an instrument they'll encounter when they get jobs in the field.

"It's a nice example of being able to see a need and to understand, from a business perspective, how we could make a donation that's meaningful," says John Ornell '80, CFO of Waters Corp., a leading supplier of liquid chromatography instruments. Ornell, who helped arrange the donation (valued at about $140,000) together with his wife, Kelly Hanson Ornell '80, also donated a full year of service support for the instrument.

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UNH Magazine

Photo by Perry Smith