Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the official voice of UNH graduate student body, including UNH Durham, UNH Manchester and UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. All graduate students have the right and responsibility to participate in this shared governance; by nature of our constitution, all UNH graduate students are members of the GSS. The GSS serves as a bridge between the graduate student body and those who make decisions that impact graduate students. We regularly communicate with administrators including the President Dean, Provost Jones, and the Graduate School Deans. 

◦ • ◦ EVENTS ◦ • ◦

GSS First Thursdays

📢 Join us for "GSS First Thursdays!"

We'll be hosting a casual mixer for UNH graduate students at a new location on the first Thursday of each month! Details will be announced via the Graduate School newsletter. See you there!

📅 Fall 2024 Meeting Schedule

We are going to start our full GSS meetings when we all come back to school for the Fall 2024 semester, and we expect to have these meetings online via Zoom each month.


The Graduate Student Senate is committed to advocating for graduate student well-being. This academic year, we will work towards solutions on issues surrounding health care, graduate assistantship stipends, and housing. We set our agenda based on student needs, so we need to hear from you!

Please reach out to 📩 to share your thoughts and concerns. 

2024 - 2025 Graduate Student Senate

Executive Committee: UNH Law (2): CEPS Senators (3):
President: Olesia Pavlenko vacant Olaiya Olokunboyo
Vice President: Shuva Paul vacant Desmond Mensah
External Relations Officer: Tim Hoheneder UNH Manchester (1): Ebube Al-Ihekwaba
Community Coordinator: Ryan Tuttle Harshavardhan Reddy Palnati CHHS Senators (4):
Communications Officer: FILLED Graduate School Senator (1): vacant
Financial Affairs Officer: James Lin Shubham Modi vacant
International Student Senator (1):  COLA Senators (3): vacant
Mercy Sulaiman Kate Hultin vacant
Graduate Student Housing Senator (1): vacant ▪ PAUL College Senator (1):
Hanieh Karimi vacant Ali Mara
UNH Online Senator (1): COLSA Senators (1): Agastya Valambatla
Daniel Kane Sumaya Akter  

Our History

The UNH Graduate Student Senate (GSS) was founded in 2011 as the official representative body of UNH graduate students. For several decades prior to the creation of the GSS and its representative structure, the interests of graduate students at UNH were represented by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

On April 18, 2011, UNH President Mark Huddleston signed the first copy of the GSS Constitution and Bylaws