First Year Fridays

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From the moment new colleagues arrive on our campus and throughout their entire careers, UNH faculty can expect high-quality faculty development opportunities.

First Year Fridays is a series of workshops designed to give first year faculty access to expert resources that support their work with students and career success at UNH. First year faculty are encouraged to participate to network and learn about the UNH community. Join us Fridays 12-1:00 pm.

Delivering high-impact research, transformative community engagement, and a world-class student experience depends on a passionate and productive faculty. That's why the University of New Hampshire provides a fertile environment for faculty success.

The Office of  Engagement and Faculty Development is one of the primary offices providing innovative programs designed to enhance the scholarship, engagement, leadership, and career success of faculty and academic leaders.

It's the UNH faculty advantage.

First Year Fridays Schedule - pdf

2022-2023 NEW FACULTY

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September 23
Student Support

What should you do when students are showing signs of distress? Learn how to work with the Dean of Students and PACS to increase student participation.

Michael Blackman, Dean of Students

Elisa Bolton, Director, Psychological and Counseling Services

October 14
Creating an Inclusive Community

What if a student requests an accommodation? What resources are available to build an equitable and socially just community?

Scott Lapinsky, Director Student Academic Support (tentative)
Yashwant Prakash Vyas, Director, Beauregard Center (tentative)

November 4

Making the Most of the Library

Your trusted academic and community partner is recognized as a dynamic center for developing independent learners and fostering world-class scholarship.

Katherine Aydelott, Information Literacy Librarian

Meaghan Dittrich, Director Connors Writing Center, University Writing Programs

February 3
Fostering Student Success

Learn about support for students in the classroom, in research and career planning.

Dawna Perez, Director Institute for Student Success

March 31
Preparing for Next Year
What are next steps for moving forward in scholarship and/or teaching? What are annual reports and why do they matter?

Wayne Jones, Provost

Faculty Development Opportunities