Robert J. McGrath

Robert J. McGrathMy interests are health policy and state-level policy implementation. I also examine issues surrounding information and its role in the policy process. In addition to being an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of New Hampshire I serve as the director of the New Hampshire Health Information Center. I am currently examining the current state laws surrounding the security and privacy of personal health information, and how allowing physicians and others to exchange in that information is affected by those laws. My publications include the Implementation Report of Welfare Reform in New Hampshire and a co-authored chapter in the edited text, The New Politics of State Health Policy entitled "State Legislatures and Health Policy in the Market Era" with John McDonough, Ph.D. In a new work, I examine the implementation of the State Children’s Health Insurance program in three states and examine how the relative roles of Federal and State governments interact, and how federalism can be both affect and predict how health policies are implemented. My teaching interests include health policy, health policy analysis, survey research and quantitative methods.


University Dialogue contribution: Rights and Health: Democracy's Dilemma in the United States