• Students preparing CTD Rosette for deployment at sea
  • Collecting lake sediment cores to understand past climate.
  • Julie Bryce, Tom Lippmann, Florencia Fahnestock, Ruth Varner

Collaborative Links to Ocean Science and Earth Science Graduate Academic Programs (CLOSES-GAP)

Provides a pathway for undergraduate students to engage in an academic and professional preparation program in geosciences. CLOSES-GAP addresses the National Science Foundation priority to broaden participation in the geosciences by engaging undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups.

The goal of CLOSES-GAP is to provide fellows with insight into the diversity of research options in marine geosciences and research opportunities that leverage UNH’s world-class ocean mapping facilities and personnel. We will recruit students in their junior year and will provide research training and mentoring the following summer and throughout their senior year by pairs of advisors at both their home institution and UNH. Travel, room & board, and a competitive stipend are provided.

Program elements:

·       Consideration of applications begins February 1, 2020.

·       Pre-program orientation and online mini- courses

·       Four weeks at UNH’s Durham campus (May 17-June 13, 2020)

·       Post program research project development and presentation at home institution


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A collaborative program with the University of New Hampshire (UNH), Rutgers University Newark (RUN), University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and Delaware State University (DSU) through a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation’s GEOPATHS program (GEO1801420) which is focused on broadening participation in the geosciences.

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