Project Management Office

  • Project Management Office

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and institute a repeatable, fact-based Portfolio / Project Management process for the Intake, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Transition, and Governance of Information Technology (IT) projects.  We will develop and foster a Project Management and Process Improvement culture throughout IT and extend that culture to all departments.

  • Portfolio Management: identifying and prioritizing the right set of programs and projects to work on
  • Project Management: executing those programs and projects in the most efficient manner possible
  • Process Improvement: continually seeking ways to optimize services with an eye on eliminating waste and providing value to our customers

The Project Management Office is here to:

  • Ensure successful project outcomes
  • Ensure healthy project portfolios
  • Reduce duplicate efforts and redundant projects
  • Enable leadership to view, track, and react to projects and programs within their portfolios
  • Increase data-driven business requirements
  • Improve the delivery and adoption of IT services
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational and administrative effectiveness and efficiency

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