About IT

UNH Information Technology  delivers network and communications infrastructure, as well as provides IT services that support students, faculty & staff with learning  & research. 

UNH Strategic Technology Plan - April 2016


UNH IT Assessment Plan - April 2011

  • In 2010, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) engaged Berry Dunn McNeill Parker (BDMP) to conduct an independent assessment of central and distributed technology services at the UNH campus. The objective of the assessment was to make recommendations that would support the University's IT vision and objectives.

    During the assessment, BDMP met with a number of UNH stakeholders (campus leaders, department representatives, faculty and students) to clarify issues and findings first presented in the current environment summary, issued in the Fall 2010. BDMP also gathered current IT financial, organizational and operational data and benchmarked UNH IT against comparators. Recommendations were then developed from an objective perspective. Included in the document is a complete list of UNH faculty, staff and students who participated in interviews and information gathering. UNH IT is appreciative of their time and constructive feedback.

    Download the UNH IT Assessment Plan [pdf]