2022 Presidential Award of Excellence - for Staff


To present an annual award to PAT, OS, and EE staff members in recognition of outstanding performance and distinguished service to the University of New Hampshire that aligns with our university's mission and strategic priorities.

At the University of New Hampshire, our vision for the future includes four strategic priorities that are guiding UNH toward a bold, overarching aspiration– to be among the nation’s top 25 public universities in the most important measures of academic performance:

Every staff member at UNH has the ability in their roles to impact this vision and contribute to moving UNH towards our goal!


Staff Nominated for the 2022 Presidential Award of Excellence


Nominees for the Presidential Award of Excellence must meet the following requirements. They must:  1) reside in a position classified as PAT (Professional, Administrative or Technical), EE (Extension Educator, excluding C.C.L.E.A.R.* Faculty), or OS (Operating Staff);  and 2) have completed at least three years of service with UNH by May 1st.


All members of the university community, including leadership, supervisors/managers, peers, colleagues, and students may nominate any qualified staff member by completing the Presidential Award of Excellence Nomination online form or by requesting a paper application from Human Resources and forwarding it to the Presidential Award of Excellence Peer Review Committee, c/o Human Resources, 2 Leavitt Lane, Durham NH 03824.


Nominations will be accepted until April  22, 2022, to be considered for the spring 2022 award.

The 2022 award recipients will be individuals selected by a joint staff review committee** based on the nominee's demonstrated excellence, documented through their work and contributions towards impacting one or more of our four strategic priorities and making UNH a better place every day to live, learn and work - for our UNH students, faculty and staff! The 2022 award recipients will be invited to a luncheon with UNH President James W. Dean, Jr. and recognized during the Staff Recognition Program, held on Friday, May 6, 2022, in the Granite State Room, Memorial Union Building.  

We encourage all members of our UNH community to take the time to document the contributions of a deserving staff member.

VIEW PAST RECIPIENTS:  Please visit the UNH Awards site to view past recipients of the Presidential Award of Excellence, as well as other awards for UNH Staff, Faculty AND Students!

*  C.C.L.E.A.R. Definition:  In addition to Tenured and Tenure Track faculty, the university considers the designation of the term "faculty" if you fall into one of the following categories: Clinical, Contract, Lecturer, Extension, Alternative Security (Law), Research

**Joint Review Committee made up of members of the OS, PAT, & EE staff councils, Human Resources, and the President's Office.