Healthcare Consumerism

Healthcare Consumerism
Entrance to UNH Health and Wellness

Healthy UNH works to empower individuals throughout the campus communities to take active roles in their health and healthcare decision-making through education, awareness, and skill development. We do this by:

  • Teaching people how to advocate for themselves in making healthcare decisions;
  • Developing and leveraging educational programs and tools for the campus community about
    the healthcare system, health insurance, and use of healthcare services; and
  • Providing education about how lifestyle can impact the need for healthcare

Avoid Duplicate Radiologic Testing

Nationally, 1 in 5 radiology tests is a duplicate. If UNH eliminated duplicate tests, an annual savings of $460,000 would be achieved.

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Health insurance coinjar

Understanding Health Insurance

This tool will help you learn about health insurance and how to choose the right policy.

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Blood draw tubes in a lab

Use Independent

You have a choice when deciding where your blood is drawn.

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