8 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Life

January 7, 2016

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8 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Life
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Easy ways to include physical activity in your schedule

No time for the gym?  No problem.  Whether you have a busy schedule or simply do not enjoy formal gym workouts, you can always find ways to incorporate physical activity in your life.

  1. Use a pedometer.

Set realistic goals and keep track of your steps.  Seeing progress will motivate you to continue to take the stairs instead of the elevator or get off one bus stop earlier so you can walk more.

  1. Stay active with friends and family.

At home, you can make chores fun by turning up the music as you put away dishes and vacuum together.  When making plans with friend, you can hike a mountain instead of seeing a movie.

  1. Clean.

Save time by cleaning and exercising at the same time!  Wash your dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.  Switch arms when you vacuum.  Don’t forget to use good posture and tighten your core when doing chores around the house.

  1. Exercise during commercials.

You can do jumping jacks or run in place during every commercial, and, if applicable, encourage your kids to race each other around the house.

  1. Stretch throughout the day.

Often overlooked, stretching is important in performing daily activities as it reduces the risk for injuries and increases blood flow.  Whether you are sitting at a computer desk or reading a book for hours, use your phone to set yourself reminders to stretch.

  1. Enjoy the outdoors.

Learning to appreciate the outdoors can help to incorporate exercise in your life as many outdoor activities involve physical activity.  The more you enjoy being outside, the more likely you are to walk or bike to your destination, take your family skiing or ask your friends to go hiking.

  1. Find ways to exercise when sitting at your computer or talking on the phone.

If you have a job that requires sitting at your laptop for hours at a time, getting exercise may seem to be impossible.  Instead of slouching over as you type away your proposition for tomorrow’s meeting, sit up straight and tighten your core.  You could also opt for a standing desk and do standing leg lifts.

  1. Exercise as you perform daily activities.

Pairing exercise with a daily activity can help to establish and maintain new habits.  Do wall sits, toe stands or standing leg lifts as you brush your teeth or flex your abs as you wait in line at the grocery store.

Use these tips to set goals and take steps into developing a healthier lifestyle.

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