May 11, 2021


Photo Courtesy: Michael Clemente
Name: Michael Clemente
Pronouns: He/His/Him 
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Role at UNH: Student
Year Started at UNH: 2017

How does getting this vaccine make you feel?

Getting the vaccine makes me feel good and more at ease.

What does getting this vaccine mean to you?  

Getting this vaccine means a lot to me, it also calms me knowing it could help in the event of infection.

What would you say to someone who feels hesitant about getting the vaccine? 

It is ultimatlely up to you, it's your choice whether you get it or not. However, I urge you to do your research on the avaliable vaccines, from reputiple sources, of course!

What have been some of your favorite ways to stay physically active during the pandemic?  

I’ve been bad and slowed down a bit during the pandemic, but I have been trying to go on walks around my neighborhood, or on a nice hike!

How have you been taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic?  

I’ve been doing Duolingo, it is a different kind of learning. It makes my brain work and think differently during my 5-10 minute lesson.

How do you stay connected with others?  

Like most people, FaceTime and Zoom. But I also use video games and Discord to stay in contact with friends to try and do some fun activities!

Now that you have received the first dose of the vaccine, what is the next thing that you will be holding onto for hope?  

The transition back to normal/new normal, and the ability to travel and view the world. Also, the second dose of the vaccine!

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for members of our audience who are feeling completely drained and burnt out from this pandemic?  

Think of the good times and think of the future memories to be gained with those you hold near and dear to your heart.

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