Is it Time for You to Leave Your Pediatrician?

February 4, 2022

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Tips on the Switch from Pediatrics to Primary Care 

  The average age most pediatricians stop seeing their patients varies from 18 to 21 or when a person feels most ready. Some are sick of being in the same waiting room as toddlers who scream their heads off which is why they make the change earlier on whereas others prefer to stay with a doctor they’ve grown up with as long as possible. Either way this time in your life is inevitable, so why not be prepared for it? Young adults belonging to this age group might not know where to begin when making the switch, which is where I come in.  

Looking for a new primary care physician can be intimidating but if you follow the below tips, you’ll have a much smoother transition with the process… 

  • Get a Referral. Consulting your current doctor for a referral is a great starting point especially if you have built a rapport with them. Communicate what you’re looking for in a new doctor and they will surely give you some great recommendations. 

  • Reach Out to Your Insurance Company. Insurance companies have a network of providers they can connect you with. Give them a call or search up their website online for a list of healthcare providers. Generally, those providers are more affordable. 

  • Be Comfortable. Being comfortable is the most important part of this transition, your doctor should be someone you can share anything with. If they don’t align with your values, don’t feel trapped by your decision and switch physicians (you might have to do this a couple times until you find the right fit for your needs and wants).  

          Finding the right doctor can be a challenge but don’t let it discourage you. Whether you want a younger doctor or one with the same gender as you, be confident and comfortable with your decision. Know what is important to you when looking for a primary care physician so that in the long run it is easy to open up to them about your personal health issues. If it turns out that they’re not the right fit for you keep looking and keep meeting new doctors till you feel at ease. 

          The same thing applies when going to see a doctor at UNH’s Health & Wellness. You can meet the staff here before scheduling a visit! 

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