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October 5, 2012

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October 7th through 13th, 2012 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, when mental health advocates spread awareness about their causes. This is a great time for a reminder to think about our own mental health, and that of those around us.

College is a very important experience in our lives.  Later in life, some people refer to their college years as holding some of the best memories of their lives. However, this great time in our lives also can create a lot of stress. Social stress such as dating and breaking up and making new friends, is a huge factor. So is the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it’s really difficult to finish the large amount of work expected out of us. There are many exams, papers, clubs to join, meetings to attend, and deadlines to meet. No matter our background or major, we encounter stress during college. And for everyone, stress is a hard barrier to face down. Sometimes our minds and bodies simply can’t handle the stress. At this point, mental health can become an issue. There are hundreds of mental health issues in the spectrum. Anything from depression to schizophrenia can be a problem for any single person. While having issues like this can seem scary and overwhelming, always know that there is help nearby. UNH Health Services has doctors and psychologists at the ready to talk to students and assist them with issues in their lives. It is always important to try and get help as soon as a problem presents itself. If need be, the physicians at Health Services can help students to make appointments at hospitals and clinics in the area. For some issues, the Office of Health Education and Promotion can help out.  Don’t let the stress get you down! Health Services also has many stress management programs and initiatives (like massages) to help us with stress so it doesn’t get to unmanageable levels.

Click here to learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week!

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