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October 21, 2014

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Independent labs, what are they? Frequently your health care provider asks you to get some lab work done. You may have gone to the hospital to get this lab work done. But is this always the best choice now? With healthcare cost rising in hospitals, our nation is seeing an increase of independent care facilities.

These independent care facilities are not affiliated with hospitals, but they will give you the same benefits of going to the hospital. The test results will be sent to your provider in just the same.  A hemoglobin test done at a hospital could cost you up to $41. At an independent lab location you can get the same test done for around $9. That is a 78% savings. Care First gives a list of other independent care facilities and the comparison to hospitals.

These facilities are trying to make it convenient and cost efficient for you. Websites have been created where you can locate a lab center and even make your appointment right there. Quest Diagnostics is just one of many. If you cannot make it off campus for an appointment, our UNH Employee Clinic provides a laboratory for factually, staff, and students. In order to make an appointment with UNH Employee Clinic all they need is a request from your clinician or health care provider. Try it out! These facilities are here to help reduce time, stress, and give you the care you need at a fraction of the cost.

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