Mentally Preparing for the Perfect Interview

February 28, 2014

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As college students we are in a constant state of stress between assignment deadlines, grades, and finding jobs.Everyone reading this has likely had an interview before, so you can understand the anxiety that comes along with having to talk yourself up to a stranger.These are some tips that I use to help reduce the stresses of interviewing!

As soon as you learn that you have an interview write down the time, date, and location.Place this somewhere that you see everyday (like a wall calendar or on your computer) so that it will not “sneak up” on you.It is important that you do research on the company you have applied for; you may even be able to find information about their interview process online.Brainstorm and write down questions that you will ask after your interview. Companies like to see interviewees take the initiative to ask questions and when you have written questions it makes you look professional and prepared.

Now that you are educated about the company, you should review your own résumé.Refresh yourself on your past experiences and be sure that you will be able to explain in more depth what things mean.This is also a good time to reflect on your accomplishments, remind yourself of how far you have come and why you deserve this opportunity.

Lastly and most importantly mentally prepare for success!Walk through the process in your mind from shaking hands, to answering questions.It is a good idea to practice some common interview questions, review your best traits, experiences, and what you can contribute to the company.If you have willing friends hold a mock interview, where they ask you interview questions.

On the day of the interview I find it helpful after I am dressed and ready to sit and reflect.Remember that you are capable, that you will do your best, and that you deserve this job or internship.Be confident and you will do great!And remember you might not get every job, but each interview is valuable practice!

Check the University Advising and Career Center website to see sample interview questions! And be sure to head to the Career Fair March 4th at the Whittemore center from 12-4!



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Hi Kelsey, I think this is a great blog for seniors, and for juniors who are looking for summer internships. Many people don't prepare enough for interviews, and are blindsided when they are asked to talk about themselves. I find it helpful to read over my resume a few times to have the information fresh in my mind. Great blog!

Hi Kelsey,I think this is a very relevant topic for many seniors, such as myself who are approaching the end of their college experience. You did an excellent job describing the steps for students to adequately prepare for an upcoming job interview. From personal experience I know that it can be very stressful and overwhelming to begin the interviewing process with many additional student obligations. In the past I have also found it beneficial to have examples for certain questions that you believe are most likely to come up so that you are comfortable and confident in your responses. This could be something simple like- when is a time you have demonstrated leadership? or What do you believe are your greatest strength and weakness? Preparing for life after college can be anxiety provoking, but I believe many students will benefit from reading your helpful tips!Heather DeMello

I love all of these great tips on how to prepare for an interview. They can be really helpful to calm you down and get you in the right mindset to do your best! 

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