The Nutrition Behind Whiter Teeth

There are so many advertisements today about how to get brighter, whiter teeth, and who doesn’t want perfect pearly whites? From Crest 3D White mouthwash to the generic brands of whitening strips, the amount of money made off theses products is overwhelming. For 20 treatments of Crest 3D White Professional Effects white strips, it costs approximately $54! As a college student it may be difficult to find the extra money to get your teeth brighter, but luckily there are ways to prevent your teeth from stains and other erosion that may occur in your mouth!

According to Tips for Sparkling White Teeth, the darker the food or beverage the greater staining potential it has on your teeth. Black coffee is one of the biggest offenders, but when a splash milk is added to help lighten the color, less harm may be done. Coffee’s partner in crime is balsamic vinegar because of its extremely dark pigmentation; however, there is another quick fix! Items such as lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens help to create a protective barrier over your teeth. On a similar note, when eating tomato sauce try to combat the acidity with eating a salad before to create the natural barrier.

Eating food that you have to bite into, such as apples and carrots, are great for your chomps because they act as detergents and naturally clean them. The biting, crunching, and chewing allow these foods to brush up against your teeth and work their magic! Acid gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to teeth because we are told that it wears away at our tooth enamel, but it does have oral friendly benefits as well. The acid from the fruit aids in killing some of the plaque residing on your teeth, as well as, increasing saliva production. 

As for alcohol, red wine in particular, after drinking a glass it is better to swish water around in your mouth instead of brushing. Why you ask? The acid from the wine wears away at the tooth enamel, eventually revealing the yellow underneath and opening up the pores in your teeth. By brushing, it is possible to allow the pigmentation in and further damage the enamel, so swish away! 

For more foods to naturally enhance your smile or just for more information check out 7 Tips for Whiter Teeth and Food for White Teeth. Remember that eating smart is definitely something to smile about!