Get Involved

The GSS is currently seeking Senators to represent the following constituencies.

  • CHHS

If you're interested in serving, please email

The GSS currently needs volunteers for the following external committees:

  • University Committees for graduate student representation

  • Healthy UNH
  • Honorary Degrees & Awards/Commencement
  • President's Commission on the Status of People of Color
    • Microaggressions Video Project working group
  • President's Commission on the Status of GLBT Issues
  • Sesquicentennial Planning Committee
  • Space Allocation, Repairs and Renovations Committee (SARRC)
  • Suicide Prevention Committee graduate student working group
  • Transit Advisory
  • Transportation Policy Committee
  • UNH Police Department Advisory Committee

Also, these internal committees of the GSS are always looking for additional members who are interested in participating:

  • GSS Committees, Positions, etc.

  • CHHS Senator
  • Executive Committee member
  • Financial Affairs Committee member
  • Governance Committee member
  • Programming Committee member
  • Joint Committee on Advocacy and External Affairs member
    • Student Rights, Rules, Responsibilities Handbook working group member
    • Environmental Action working group member (Contact us if you are interested in improving the sustainability of the UNH campus and community. More details to come!)
  • Communications Committee member
  • Legislative Chair member
  • Media Liaison member
  • Campus Media Liaison member
  • Webmaster member
  • Social Mediamaster member