Executive Committee & Senators

AY2019/20 GSS Executive Committee

President: Casey O'Heran

EMAIL: cto1004@wildcats.unh.edu

Casey is a 2nd year Master's student studying Ocean Engineering with a focus in Ocean Mapping. His research focuses on utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) for hydrographic purposes. In his first year as the GSS President, Casey hopes to establish positive relationships with the graduate community and work with fellow members of the GSS to better the lives of graduate students at UNH.

Casey O'Heran

Vice President: Elizabeth Weidner

EMAIL: lweidner@u.washington.edu

Elizabeth Weidner

Financial Affairs Officer: Alexandra Padilla

EMAIL: amp1040@wildcats.unh.edu

Alex is a 5th year Ph.D. student in Ocean Engineering. Her research is focused on the acoustics of gas bubbles that are surrounded by water and understanding how certain physical properties of the gas bubble, such as bubble shape and bubble coatings, affect the acoustic scattering from these bubbles. She was the Housing senator last year and looks forward to being the Financial Officer for the GSS.

Alexandra Padilla

Community Coordinator: Jacob Koile

EMAIL: jhk1009@wildcats.unh.edu

Jacob is a Physics PhD student working in the atmospheric electricity group in Morse Hall. His hobbies include surfing, sailing, cooking, exercising, snowboarding, hiking, and hanging out with my friends. He is very approachable so if you ever see him on campus please come say, "hello," for he thoroughly enjoys meeting and getting to know new people. 

Jacob Koile

External Relations Officer: Jacob Bennett

EMAIL: Jacob.Bennett@unh.edu

Jacob is a 4th-year Ph.D. student in the Education department. His research interests include the intersecting issues of institutional organization, labor law, religious freedom and exemption, adjunct faculty policy, and higher education administration. As External Relations Officer, Jacob will engage the wider communities in which UNH is nestled, including developing relations with the town of Durham and the state of New Hampshire, serving on the University System Student Board, and attending university system board of trustees meetings.

Communications Officer: Sarah Widlansky

EMAIL: sjw2008@wildcats.unh.edu

Sarah is a 4th year PhD student in the Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS) program with research interests in geology and paleontology. As the Communications Officer, Sarah will manage the GSS website, social media, newsletter, and email communications. She looks forward to starting her first year with GSS and welcomes anyone interested in getting in touch to reach out to her directly.

Sarah Widlansky

AY2019/20 GSS Senators 


Senator  Information

Contact Information and Constituencies

UNH Manchester

Surya Kranthi Siyadri

(Information Technology, Master's)

Surya Kranthi Siyadri

Surya Kranthi is an international student from India, currently pursuing a Master’s in Information Technology at UNH Manchester. He served as a graduate office assistant for 1 year working predominantly on International Student orientation, advising, and retention activities. He would like to make use of my position to help the students of the Manchester campus have similar experiences and opportunities as that of the students in Durham and also improve the connections between students from both campuses. He can make myself available anytime for conversation, food and dancing.

Email: ss1523@wildcats.unh.edu


UNH Manchester (all programs)


Michael Fazi

Michael Fazi

Michael is a 2nd year student at UNH School of Law in Concord. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, he is adjusting to the cold winters of NH, but has found a new home in the UNH community. As the law school senator, he represents the students of all the law school’s programs including JD, LLM, and MIP students. In addition, he serves as the Vice President of the law school’s Student Bar Association overseeing the student clubs and committees at the law school.

Email: michael.fazi@unhlaw.unh.edu


UNH Law School

Graduate Student Housing

Karla Oñate Melecio

(Physics PhD)

Karla Oñate Melecio

Karla is a 2nd year graduate student in the department of physics. Her research focuses on developing a low energy particle detector to measure the polarization properties of gamma ray bursts (GRBs). She thoroughly enjoys her role as the Housing Senator because she gets to work alongside other passionate graduate students to make a difference in the grad community at UNH.

Email: kgo1009@wildcats.unh.edu


Babcock Hall Residents

College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Sumeyra Gok

(Education PhD)

Sumeyra Gok is a third year PhD student in Education. She is an international student from Turkey. Her research interests include; teacher preparation, multicultural education and curriculum. She has served in the graduate student senate for one and a half years and she is the COLA senator for this academic year.

Email: sg1149@wildcats.unh.edu



College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Ben Remillard

(History PhD)

Ben Remillard is a second-year PhD student in the History department. His research focuses on Revolutionary War veterans of color and the challenges they faced living in the Early Republic. He lives just a short bus ride away in Newmarket with his wonderful and supporting wife. 

Email: br1086@wildcats.unh.edu


The Arts

College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Martine Grenier-Burtis

(Education PhD)

Martine Grenier-Burtis

Martine is a second year doctoral student in the Education Department with a focus in curriculum studies.  Outside of school she likes to travel, ski, paint and try new things (most recently, skateboarding). She live in Portland, Maine. 

Email: mez2@wildcats.unh.edu


Justice Studies
Liberal Studies
Political Science/Public Administration

College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Allison Giannotti

(English PhD)

Allison Giannotti

Allison is a 4th-year PhD student studying composition and rhetoric. Her writing and research center around science discourse and laboratory writing. As a COLA senator, Allison will establish social and professional relationships across disciplines to foster more interdisciplinary conversations and collaboration. Additionally, she hopes to advocate for more diversity within the graduate student community as well as serve on a committee that addresses LGBTQIA+ issues across campus.

Email: ag1114@wildcats.unh.edu



College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Kerry Dykens

(Oceanography Master's)

Kerry Dykens

Kerry is a Master's student in the Oceanography program conducting research in the Ocean Processes Analysis Laboratory (OPAL). She is studying the function of marine microbes in the global carbon cycle in order to better understand how marine ecosystems will react to climate change.  Outside of school, she loves to play guitar, hike, snowboard, Irish step dance, and most of all she loves her dalmatian pup named Cinder! She looks forward to getting involved on campus and is excited for the next year as a CEPS senator.

Email: kd1163@wildcats.unh.edu


Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Earth Sciences

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Dominic Payne

(Physics PhD)

Dominic Payne

Email: dsp1007@wildcats.unh.edu


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Ocean Engineering

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Francesco Preti

(Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD)

Francesco Preti

Francesco Preti is an international student from Italy. He received a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Parma (Italy) and is currently a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNH. Francesco was previously at UNH as a visiting student from October 2018 - May 2019. 

Email: Francesco.Preti@unh.edu



College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Emily Whalen

(Natural Resources PhD)

Emily Whalen

Emily is a third year Ph.D. student in Earth and Environmental Science. Her research focuses on the microorganisms that live in soils and how they may help us store more carbon in soils under climate change. Emily also completed her master's at UNH and is looking forward to getting involved in GSS and working to promote graduate student wellbeing. 

Email: edw1002@wildcats.unh.edu


Communication Sciences & Disorder
Family Studies
Health Management/Public Health
Recreation Management & Policy

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Sanchari Kundu

(Biological Sciences PhD)

Sanchari is a 2nd year PhD student from India studying Integrated and Organismal Biology at Department of Biological Science. Her research focuses on Plant genetics and utilizing the concept of modern genetics and metabolic engineering she tries to develop plants with promising resource for the future. Apart from her studies, she loves painting, gardening and music. Most of the time you will find her humming songs for her own pleasure. She has been an orientation leader for international graduate students for Fall 2019. This is her first year as a senator for GSS she looks for building up healthy and a friendly bond with the students and grad school. She loves to meet new people and is ready to help anyone with their Grad school life.

Email: sk1180@wildcats.unh.edu


Social Work

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)

Lauren Breza

(Natural Resources, PhD)

Lauren Breza

Lauren is a 4th year PhD student in the Natural Resources and Earth System Sciences program. Her research focuses on nutrient cycling and soil fertility in sustainable agroecosystems. Lauren is excited to advocate on the behalf of her COLSA constituents and amplify the graduate student voice. When Lauren isn't focused on her graduate studies, you can find her exploring New England on her mountain bike.

Email: lb1064@wildcats.unh.edu


Animal & Nutritional Sciences (PHD)
Animal Sciences (MS)
Natural Resources
Plant Biology

Paul College

Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan

(Education PhD)

Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan

Jovana is a 4th-year Ph.D. student in Education. She is an international student from Serbia. Jovana believes in servant leadership and she is passionate about making a difference in graduate students' lives. Jovana also goes by Yoka and she welcomes all the graduate students to get in touch and share any ideas, concerns, and suggestions with her.

Email: Jovana.Milosavljevic@unh.edu


Accounting and Finance
Business Administration

International Graduate Students

Karen Morán Rivera

(Public Policy Master's)

Karen Moran Rivera

Karen is from El Salvador, a small country located in Central America. She loves to meet people with different culture and traditions; and she hopes to make you feel welcome to the UNH community were diversity ROOARS!

Email: Karen.MoranRivera@unh.edu


International Students

 Graduate School

Marie-Josiane (MJ) Ohoueu

(Chemistry PhD)

MJ Ohoueu

Marie-Josiane Ohoueu is originally from Paris, France. She is a 4th year PhD graduate student in the department of chemistry at UNH, and she has been involved with the Graduate Student Senate for a year. She served as the Graduate School Senator during the spring semester, and will hold this position for this upcoming year.  

Email: mo1038@wildcats.unh.edu


Public Policy
College Teaching
Development Policy & Practice