T Hall

2019 - 2020 Graduate Student Senate

Executive Committee:

COLA Senators (3):

CHHS Senators (4):

President: Dominic Payne

Sumeyra Gok

Alix Flinders

Vice President: Karla Oñate Melecio

Kendra Bostick

Paul College Senators (2):

External Relations Officer: Michael Fazi

CEPS Senators (3):

Natallia Leuchanka Diessner

Financial Affairs Officer

Allison Giannotti

Graduate School Senators (1):

Community Coordinator: Nishitha Kamini

Muhammad Zaheer

Caroline Kanaskie

Communications Officer: Sarah Widlansky

UNH Law (2):

COLSA Senators (1):

UNH Manchester (1):

Cassandra Manning

Emily Whalen

Danielle Johnson

Griffin Kmon


International (1): 

Housing (1):


Sreelekha Dandu Sanchari Kundu  



Welcome to the UNH Graduate Student Senate site

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is the official voice of UNH's graduate student body. We work hard to advocate for graduate students, representing their interests across UNH and the university system. We also work to engage the state legislature and foster a sense of community and social engagement among graduate students on campus.

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The Graduate Student Senate is committed to to promoting a safe and antiracist environment for the graduate students at UNH, and we ask the members of our community to do the same. Please see our statement of support for the Black community and those who are standing up against the injustices faced by Black Americans in this country.