Hi All,
October marks research month in FIRE! As part of research month, the UNH Library has put together a series of resources so that you can learn more about the following topics:
  • Strategic Searching
  • Identifying Sources
  • Statista
By completing the series of modules, you can earn the FIRE Library Research Badge! This can be included on your resume and LinkedIn and can help differentiate you in the eyes of employers. Plus, this information will help you throughout your academic career at UNH!
The FIRE Library Research Badge consists of:
  • Four modules including videos, readings and quizzes.
  • You will have to complete Module 1 before moving onto Module 2, etc.
  • Takes about 45 minutes to complete and it can be completed in stages.
  • Once you earn the badge, you will be awarded 50 points for you and your team!
  • The badge must be earned by Friday, November 2 to receive the 50 points.
You can begin by clicking here: or going to the Modules section of PAUL 405 on Canvas and scrolling to the bottom until you see Library Research Badge.
Start now so you can earn 50 points for your team and prepare for your upcoming academic assignments!

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