Visual Identity & Branding

The University of New Hampshire inspires innovation and transforms lives, and everything we produce says something about who we are. To understand the function and value of the UNH visual identity, it is important to recognize that every organization has a specific public identity — an identity partly formed by the look of its websites, printed materials, stationery, etc. When an organization’s identification program is coordinated, it helps project a unified image that works effectively to reinforce its brand.

  UNH Brand Guidelines

This guide serves as a reference for proper use and placement of the UNH logo and wordmark.

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 Font for Digital

The digital typeface available for use on websites is Source Sans Pro.

1234567890 !?@$%&

The university's wordmark employs the serif font "Glypha". This font is also utilized across a variety of top-level recruitment and marketing materials, mostly for print media and occasionally for digital. Permission to use the Glypha font may be requested through Marketing.


 Color for Digital

Blue has been the University color for over a century, and blue and white continue to be the official school colors. Navy blue, dark orange, light orange and various shades of gray make up our accent color palette, and should only be used in supporting elements. Fonts should always be navy blue, a shade of gray, or white.

UNH Blue

Official University Blue is based off the Pantone 287 palette, which converts to hexadecimal value: #003591, or RGB value: 0 53 145.


Accent Colors

Complementary palette tones for use as accent colors are listed within the visual identity guidelines.