Events Calendar

The UNH Events Calendar is used by eligible members of the University community to promote the University's many events.

Purpose and Audience

The Events Calendar is UNH’s main resource for event information. Schools, departments, offices, and student organizations post events happening at UNH to the Events Calendar. Posted events may be open to the general public, or they may be private events for UNH faculty, staff, students, and/or alumni. Items published on the Events Calendar may appear on school, department, office, and organization calendars throughout the UNH websites, as well as on the UNH Mobile App.

Calendar Software

UNH Web and Mobile Development (WMD) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the calendar. The software application supporting the calendar is EMS.

Getting an Account

UNH staff with active user IDs and UNH email accounts who have primary responsibility for managing event information for their school, department, office, or program may become a Calendar Manager and receive administrator access to the Events Calendar.

With the approval of their manager, UNH staff, faculty, and students may be Calendar Users and receive standard access to publish or submit items to their calendar.

Use the UNH IT Accounts Management system to request an events calendar account.

Guidelines for Posting Events

Calendar Managers and Users can post events and request featured events.

Event information
Events submitted to the calendar should contain as much information as possible about the event. Minimum requirements for an event include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Contact name, email and/or phone
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Categories where the event should be posted (please only select relevant categories)
  • Tag (This determines which events will show up on individual college/school/research calendars.)

Images are recommended, as they draw attention to your event.

Categories and Locations
Category and location filters are determined by the Digital Governance Team. Location will be filtered by campus.

Event Restrictions

All events posted on the calendars must take place on the UNH Durham, Manchester, or Concord campuses. UNH will not accept event submissions from individuals or organizations from outside the university or for events occurring off-campus. Exceptions may be made for events co-sponsored by UNH groups held in university or off-campus locations.

Some events can only be posted by designated departments or offices:

  • Academic calendar - Registrar
  • Holidays and observances - Student Affairs

RSS Feeds
RSS feeds from the events calendar let Calendar Managers create calendars on their own sites. Contact WMD to request an RSS feed. A tag will be provided that should be used on all events that should be included in the feed.


For support for the UNH Events Calendar, please contact WMD.


Contact WMD to request Events Calendar training.

Responsibility for Content

Events posted on the UNH Events Calendar should reflect the culture of respect, trust, mutual understanding, and healthy relationships that are the values of the University.

Information added to the UNH Events Calendar is publicly accessible. Anyone who posts an event to the calendar is responsible for the information posted and must comply with all applicable policies and this Standard.

UNH WMD approves content for Public Celebrate 150 calendar events; however, the content of these posts is the responsibility of the event posters.


Calendar events will be archived for two years.


Although UNH does not monitor or regularly review Events Calendar content, it reserves the right to remove any content that it considers to violate this Standard or any other UNH policies.

If inappropriate or inaccurate content is discovered, UNH WMD will contact the calendar manager to discuss the issue. If the event or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at UNH, that content will be administered by WMD and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When content is obviously unacceptable, UNH WMD will immediately remove the entry prior to contacting the calendar manager. Unacceptable entries also may cause UNH Events Calendar access to be suspended.

Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to WMD.