Email signature

A university email signature helps recipients by adding contact information and navigation options at the bottom of emails. It also promotes a consistent university image and brand.

Purpose and audience

The email signature template consists of recommended and optional elements to help recipients both inside and outside the university identify and contact you.

Email signature guidelines

  • The recommended email signature contains:
    • name
    • title
    • department
    • address
    • phone number
    • email address (helps when email is forwarded or embedded without headers)
    • URL
  • For those who want to use a font, Calibri should be used, as it is most likely to be available on most recipients’ machines
  • Optional signature elements include:
    • UNH logo – The logo and other images take up server space and may or may not appear to your recipient, depending on how they have their email client set up, so you should be cautious in including
    • pronouns

You can set up more than one signature; for example, one with the logo for external communications, and one without the logo for internal communications.

Email signature template

UNH has a predesigned signature template available for your use. For step-by-step instructions on using the template, please read the KB email signatures article.

Additional guidelines

  • You may use a link other than It is recommended to link to a faculty or staff profile page, which can then contain links to all other relevant sites, such as research sites, FindScholars, social media accounts, etc.
  • If social media links are added to the signature, they should be added as text, i.e. “Twitter: @colsa_unh."
  • Only links to organizational or institutional social media accounts should be included (except for LinkedIn). Personal accounts should not be linked.

Elements not to include

Some items should not be included in signatures because they cause security risks, take up unnecessary space on the server, or are not ADA compliant:

  • Animations
  • Large images (not to exceed 75x75 pixels)
  • Scripts
  • Images of signatures
  • Social media icons should not be included, as they are not ADA-compliant and can easily get distorted if the email if forwarded


For step-by-step instructions on updating your signature, read the KB article on email signatures. For more information, please contact Communications and Public Affairs (CPA).

Responsibility for Content emails are sent by members of the University community acting as official representatives of the University of New Hampshire. Emails may not be used for personal, confidential or commercial purposes. Editors are responsible for complying with all relevant laws, university policies and this standard.


UNH Academic Technology (AT) reserves the right to remove any content that it considers to violate this standard any other UNH policies. If inappropriate email signatures are sent, UNH AT will contact the administrator to discuss the issue. Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to UNH AT.