Why governance?

Our website is often the first impression people have of the university, whether they arrive through a search, social media, or a print or digital ad campaign. Governance provides a set of guidelines and standards to help site admins, communicators and others with web responsibilities promote clear, consistent messaging and imagery across and its subsites. Governance also aims to ensure our pages are up to date and easy to navigate.

The process

Academic Technology and Communications and Public Affairs have been working together to implement web governance at UNH.

Key stakeholders

Governance Team

The Digital Communication Governance Team is a group of stakeholders from across campus that meets bi-weekly. The team works to establish comprehensive standards and practices for web design, development and management. The standards are posted on the Digital Communication site as they are developed.

Steering Committee

The Digital Communication Steering committee comprises high-level stakeholders from across campus that meet quarterly. The committee is charged with developing strategies for aligning UNH digital assets to UNH strategic goals and aspirations. It will review, approve and oversee implementation of standards, policies and practices developed by the Digital Communication Governance, UNH Mobile App and UNH Portal teams.