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Video: Using PowerPoint (or not)

Professor Bill Condon, Animal and Nutritional Sciences, offers advice on using (and not using) PowerPoint.

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[ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]

Part 1 discusses the reasons PowerPoint can fall in and out of favor; the pros and cons of projecting factual information; how to incorporate pictures, diagrams and other visuals; and how to use formatting and color.

Part 2 discusses complex layouts and color schemes; PowerPoint "bells and whistles" to avoid; how to prepare slides to work for presentation rather than reading; and purposeful uses of color and layout.

Part 3 discusses how to supplement PowerPoint slides using digital media and paper handouts; how to make the best of less-than-ideal, but necessary, PowerPoint content; and, finally, how to use PowerPoint to lighten the mood of the classroom.

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