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Connors Writing Center

Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome to visit CWC.  Graduate students can make one appointment per week, and up to eight appointments per semester. The CWC asks that graduate students make appointments with graduate writing assistants, who are labeled as “grads” in our scheduling system.  If interested, graduate students can also come into the Center or contact the Director of the Writing Center directly to sign up for Graduate Student Services.

Graduate Student Services

We understand that writing a graduate thesis, dissertation or other major project is challenging and differs from undergraduate work. To cater to the unique needs of graduate study, we offer dissertation/thesis coaches to assist graduate students with the writing process.

We should point out that any number of one-hour writing center visits cannot substitute for consultation with an advisor or the services of a dedicated editor. Therefore, our services should be considered supplemental to the dissertation or thesis process, and aim to support students as they wrestle with issues such as time management, procrastination, anxiety, and organization.

What to Expect

Graduate students working on long projects will have an initial meeting with the Director of the Writing Center. This meeting will provide an opportunity to talk about student goals, timeliness, and specific writing concerns. It will also provide the information necessary for graduate students to be matched with appropriate writing coaches.

Sessions with dissertation/thesis coaches may be scheduled in advance, up to eight visits per semester. The summer session counts as its own semester.
The student and dissertation/thesis coach may address

Dissertation/thesis coaches will act as sounding boards, brainstorming partners, and informed readers. While graduate students may use these sessions as they see fit, proofreading and copy editing are not among the functions the Writing Center will provide. If a graduate student wishes sustained editing to be done on his or her behalf, we can provide a list of professional editors.

For more information, contact Molly Tetreault, Director of the Connors Writing Center
(603) 862-3297 


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