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Connors Writing Center

ESL students

The Connors Writing Center welcomes all students whose native language is not English.

One-on-one writing conferences are a great way to receive some additional help with your English writing. Many of our writing assistants are undergraduate students just like you, and they have first-hand experience with the kinds of writing assigned in UNH courses. All of our writing assistants are trained to work with second-language writing; some of our writing assistants even specialize in this area. Writing assistants can work with you on any problem or issue that you may have writing your paper, from developing ideas to learning the conventions of American academic writing to learning how to self-edit. 

If you would like, you can meet regularly with one specific writing assistant to form a more focused collaboration with someone who is familiar with your writing and your progressing work. 

We encourage you to come in to the Connors Writing Center to see what resources and options are available to assist you in your written work.

ESL resources

Purdue Online Writing Lab: ESL site
ESL resources, handouts and exercises for students and teachers.

ESL Bee: Advanced composition for non-native speakers of English
"This web site is for ESL/EFL students who want to write in English for academic purposes. The material in this site is aimed toward high intermediate or advanced English learners who have never taken a formal English writing course and whose TOEFL score is about 500 or more. The main objective of this site is to help non-native English speakers write for an English speaking academic audience."

ESL Resource Center
This site is a general resource site for non-native speakers who are just beginning to learn English. It consists of several online lessons, practice quizzes, and listening activities to help the student. It also contains links to online dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and reference resources.

Dave's ESL Café
Dave’s ESL Café is a comprehensive ESL resource for students and teachers. This site includes discussion forums, quizzes on points of grammar, English pronunciation guides, a Help Center that will answer ESL questions 24 hours a day, and resource pages that alphabetically list and define English slang words, idioms, and phrasal verbs. Dave’s ESL Café also includes links to job and resume postings. Learn English effectively
The focus of this site is motivation and techniques for effectively learning English. The authors of do not see grammar exercises as the best way to learn grammar. Included in their site are reviews of techniques, pronunciation guides, and accounts of how the authors learned English. This site requires an intermediate reading level.

ESL Independent Study Lab
While many ESL sites organize links by topic, this site goes two steps further. First, it focuses on links that allow students to work (somewhat) independently. Second, it organizes the links by level. The ESL Independent Study Lab includes links for all skill levels and TOEFL scores, plus the site creator's favorite picks for content area instruction. All of the links on this site are relevant to English language teaching and learning in some manner, from scholarly papers to job opportunities.

Breaking News English: Ready-to-use ESL/EFL lessons and podcast
Breaking News English includes ready-to-use ESL/EFL lessons that address speaking, reading, and listening skills. Each lesson plan has a reading (intermediate and low-advanced versions of each reading are available), which serves as the basis for discussion, word development, and a variety of listening exercises. A Word/PDF version of each lesson is available, as well as a podcast of the reading to use for the listening exercises.

International Student Message Board
This is a message board for international students. Topics focus mostly on issues of studying abroad, such as finding work, the best places to go, and the benefits/costs of studying in another country. This site is geared mostly towards students studying in America.

Find more help with the Connors Writing Center downloadable PDF handouts and online writing resources.

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