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Connors Writing Center

ESL students

One-on-one writing conferences are a great way to receive additional help with your English writing. Many of our writing assistants are undergraduate students just like you, and they have first-hand experience with the kinds of writing assigned in UNH courses. All of our writing assistants are trained to work with second-language writing. They can help you work on a variety of different aspects of writing: developing ideas, learning the conventions of American academic writing, learning how to self-edit, etc.

Some ESL students choose to schedule regular appointments with the same writing assistant. Doing so allows you to work with someone who is familiar with your past work and with trends in your writing. If you think this approach would work well for you, you can schedule those appointments in our online scheduling system. Other ESL students choose to work with a new writing assistant for each visit, to receive a fresh perspective on their work.

We encourage you to come in to the Connors Writing Center to see what resources and options are available to assist you in your writing.

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