Connecting with State Government

The Office of University Events and Programs (UEP) plays a crucial role in the University’s government relations activities by producing events and programs that demonstrate UNH’s excellence and statewide impact to members of New Hampshire’s General Court.

Legislative Lunch

For this annual event, University students, faculty, and members of the administration travel to Concord to meet with state legislators to exhibit and highlight UNH’s outstanding academic programs and excellent student-driven research. Students meet with members of the state legislature and explain their research and the opportunities afforded them at the University. The Legislative Breakfast is an opportunity for members of New Hampshire's General Court to learn how undergraduate researchers are having an impact on the state, the region, and the world.

Legislative Committee Visits

Visits by state legislative committee members to the Durham campus promote faculty expertise and student research applicable to areas of state concern. These visits provide a tailored, first-hand UNH experience to the committee members, opening up lines of communication that allow the state’s flagship public University to serve as a valuable resource for New Hampshire.

Delegation Breakfasts

Delegation Breakfasts allow the president of the University to build stronger relationships with local delegates in a casual setting. Approximately seven delegation breakfasts are held over the course of an academic year with Seacoast-area delegations. These gatherings allow the president to share information about the University’s strategic and academic plans as well as to highlight our positive impact on the state, region, and around the world. Through these meetings, delegates learn about UNH and can serve as active ambassadors for the state legislature.

First in the Nation

The Office of University Events and Programs facilitates political primary debates and events on the University campus. In conjunction with New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, this provides opportunities for the campus community and local citizens to actively engage in grassroots national politics.