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Organizational Wellness


Program Description:

A key to maintaining personal health is maintaining organizational health. A working atmosphere that is cohesive and free of unnecessary tension goes a long way toward lowering stress levels and increasing productivity. Reaching this goal can be as simple as talking through internal changes, or it can require more in-depth team building. This program can address working through an organizational change; managing an increased workload; conflict management and negotiation abilities; communication skills; Creating organization health; and coaching and mentoring employees and supervisors to improve working conditions.


Nancy Puglisi

Nancy Puglisi, Ph.D. is the Director of Organizational Wellness at the University System of New Hampshire. Dr. Puglisi directs the Embrace Life Fully program (ELF), the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and organizational transformation programs for 4000 faculty and staff members employed by the University System. She has introduced alternative health care programs such as Therapeutic Touch, Meditation and Organizational Wellness, along with traditional health care practices including health screenings, resulting in an "integrated" and well-rounded health education curriculum.

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