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Peyton Place: A Consideration of Its Role in Film and Television History

What do Peyton Place and Hollywood in the late 1950s have in common? At first glance, each town presented a perfect picture of social tranquility and quiet prosperity, but underneath the glittering facade loomed anxious denial and impending crises. This talk considers what Peyton Place can tell us about how Hollywood began to confront its darkest secrets - changing social mores, shrinking audiences, and a rapidly declining studio system. The talk will also explore what Peyton Place, both as a movie and prime time soap opera, reveals about Hollywood's often uneasy relations with the newest medium to take up residence in tinsel town - television.

Speaker Name: Jeff Klenotic
Date: Thursday May 08, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Sponsoring Organization: Pittsfield Historical Society
Location: 1 Elm Street, Pittsfield
Contact Person: Martha Moloy [email]
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