UNH Speakers Bureau


UNH Speakers Bureau is an outreach service made possible by volunteer speakers from among the faculty and staff who teach, conduct research, study and work at UNH. Our speakers have an unparalleled enthusiasm for sharing their expertise and extending our learning community to every corner of New Hampshire.

The Speakers Bureau has more than 200 speakers and 500 presentations to choose from and reaches more than 4000 New Hampshire citizens annually.

Take advantage of this resource to see and hear for yourself the people and ideas that make the University of New Hampshire a dynamic and engaging center of learning.

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Please note: Speakers do not require honorariums; however, if an organization generally offers an honorarium, UNH speakers appreciate similar consideration.

New Presentations

Lean In or Leave Before You Leave?: False Dichotomies of Choice and Blame in Public Debates about Working Motherhood
Cover of Roger and Me
In March 2013, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg published Lean In, which offered women advice for how to keep their professional careers on the fast track without compromising their personal ambitions, including... (Read more)

Michael Moore’s Roger & Me 25 Years Later: Rhetorical Tensions in a Documentary Jeremiad
Cover of Roger and Me
It is no longer possible to think about Roger & Me without taking into account the immediate controversy surrounding the film and how those initial reviews and characterizations... (Read more)

Child Labor in New England
Black and white image of child
This program explores child labor in New England during the Progressive period from 1890 to 1918 by exploring the... (Read more)

Goal Setting and Professional Development
Image of Business road sign
In the current economy, departments and organizations have smaller budgets and seemingly fewer advancement opportunities. It has become critical... (Read more)

B2B Solutions Selling
Image of Business road sign
This is both a presentation and workshop, with active audience participation, via handouts. The session covers improving client/customer relationships with the... (Read more)

Marketing to Your Defined Market
Image of Marketing keyboard key
The key to a successful business does not depend on the size of your marketing budget. The Lean Startup model relies on interacting with potential customers early and often so you can... (Read more)

A Hotel Goes to Peace, Not War: The Story of the Mount Washington Hotel and the International Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods
Image of Monetary Conference Sign
NEW! This presentation covers the 1944 International Monetary Conference at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. In preparation for the conference, the resort, which had been closed because of the war, was... (Read more)

A Theater Near You
Image of a Movie Theatre
When did movies first arrive in New Hampshire? Where did they play? Who presented them? Who saw them? When and where were the state’s first movie... (Read more)

IBEX Catches Interstellar Wind and Images the Solar System Boundary
Photo of Drew Conroy
400 years after Galileo pointed a telescope at the sky for the first time, astronomers have added neutral atoms to their toolbox with the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), launched... (Read more)

Living with Wildlife
Photo of Drew Conroy
Comparing wildlife management and human-wildlife conflicts in New England... (Read more)

Who Will Help? Engaging Community in Violence Prevention
Stop the Violence
Interpersonal violence is a well documented problem for communities including schools and college campuses. A recent innovation in prevention... (Read more)

Perspectives from HR Executives on Computer Based Training: An Examination into its Uses and Effectiveness based on organizational Size
Computer Based Training (CBT)
Seven hundred and twenty-one HR executives from small, medium, and large organizations were surveyed for their opinions about computer-based training (CBT)... (Read more)

The Art of Structural Engineering
Bay Bridge
A review of interesting and record breaking structures around the world and the parallel development... (Read more)

Ikebana Flower Arranger/Artist
Holly O. Harris teaching Ikebana
Holly Harris will give a brief description of the philosophy and history of Ikebana. The presentation will feature her... (Read more)

Promoting Student Motivation
This presentations focuses on information about student motivation and how teachers and parents can establish environments... (Read more)

The Philosopher and the Rainbow: Why Philosophers are Fascinated with Colors and Color PerceptionPicture of a rainbow
Colors are extraordinary because they are at once utterly familiar and yet quite mysterious. We think we know exactly what colors are, that all we have to do is look to see and know them, and yet they raise deep philosophical perplexities. For example, is color in the object, or in the mind? Can I know what your color experience is like...... (Read more)

A Family's Loss (Novel Title)Novel cover, man in the snowy woods watching a house burn in the distance
Family love, family secrets, and family mythologies are at the heart of this novel, which is set in New Hampshire and tells a story about a family whose love for each other can be smothering or withheld, confused... (Read more)

Spain: A Magical Mystery TourGroup of happy, jumping people
Designed to educate those unable to travel to Spain and to give travel ideas to those who will, this presentation provides the attendees to experience and learn through video, pictures, music, and commentary with a whirlwind tour of some of the wonders ... (Read more)

The Roosevelt Funeral TrainGroup of happy, jumping people
The Roosevelt Funeral Train, probably the greatest trainevent in American History (along with the Lincoln Train 80 years earlier). Deception, cover up, betrayal, A Russian spy...
(Read more)

Creating a Workplace Culture
Group of happy, jumping people
Participants will learn a practical approach on how they can change their workplace culture to one where they and their fellow associates want to come to work. Focusing on several case studies ... (Read more)

Organizational Leadership
This presentation can cover various topics related to leadership and ethics tailored to specific audience. Material is drawn from 20 years of military experience with applicability to civilian environments. The speaker will tailor the format (lecture, Q&A, facilitated discussion, etc.) and multimedia aids to specific venue and audience. (Read more)

Dog ListeningAre You Talking to Me? The Language of Dogs and Cats
Have you ever wondered what your pet was trying to say to you? Dog and cats are talking to us all the time, but unfortunately their message often is lost in translation... (Read more)

Chick Lit and Postfeminism
Chick Lit Book Cover of Woman Biting Pearl NecklaceIn one of the first full-length studies of chick lit, UNH instructor Stephanie Harzewski analyzes the popular fiction genre that is both a commentary on the rise of the singles lifestyle and arguably the most defining writing of the postfeminist era -- a media phenomenon that has been frequently pointed to a symptom... (Read more)

National Forest SignThe Weeks Act of 1911: Conservatives, Conservation and Not One Cent for Scenery
2011 is the 100th anniversary of the Weeks Act. This Act was passed by Congress and, for the first time authorized the use of federal money to purchase private land for national forests. Our White Mountain National Forest was the result... (Read more)

Sick Ward Cots1918 Flu Pandemic
This presentation will cover the 1918 flu pandemic (Spanish Flu) that spread across the world. While World War I did not cause the flu, the close troop quarters and massive troop movements hastened the pandemic... (Read more)

Propaganda Poster with HandPropaganda in the World War Era
Since total wars include weapons of all kinds, including wars, propaganda was ubiquitous in both wars, appearing everything from posters and news stories to film and music. Creative and sophisticated at their best, World War propaganda was blunt, patronizing, and untrue at its worst...(Read more)

SOldiers in Trench with Gas MasksChemical Warfare in World War I
Chemical weapons are taboo weapons today, but that has not always been the case. Poison gas was outlawed in 1899 and 1907 in the Hague Conventions before it was ever used it in war, yet the Germans introduced it to the battlefield at Ypres in 1915. The British, who were one of the first victims, reacted with shock...(Read more)

Gay Pride MarchHistory of Gay Rights
This presentation will focus on the history and culture wars over gay rights and California's proposition 8. (Read more)