For Parents & Families

Welcome and thank you for joining us as partners to promote the career development success of your University of New Hampshire student.  As a parent or family member of a student, you have an impact on their career development. We encourage parents and families to learn more about the resources and services we offer to students.  Use the resources on our site and stay up-to-date on your student's job search process.  

Please consider partnering with the UNH Career Center to help us provide students with networking and career opportunities through your place of work.  If you have any questions, please email us:

Here’s how you can help your student:

Encourage your student to make an appointment with us during their first or second year.

One of the most important things your student can do early on in their college career is to make an appointment with our staff.  To make the most of their UNH experience, students should begin using The Career Center as early as freshman year.  Meeting with one of our career advisors will benefit your student as they learn important career related information that will help them transition successfully from a college student to working professional.  Our staff will help your student learn about resumes and cover letters, job shadowing and internships, networking, interview skills and mock interviews, career exploration and decision making.  To make an appointment, students simply need to login to their UNH Wildcat Careers account.

Stress the importance of internships and getting experience BEFORE graduation.

All UNH students are strongly encouraged to pursue experiential learning opportunities.  The types of experience students acquire will vary by career field and major and may include: volunteer work, part-time jobs, summer jobs, unpaid internships, paid internships, and undergraduate research.  These experiences allow a student to apply their class knowledge in real world settings so they can develop valuable skills sought by employers.  Experiential learning opportunities are both intentional and reflective, and are designed to guide students in developing new knowledge and enhancing transferable and related skills.  Many employers view a full-time summer internship as a three month interview, and use their internship as the primary method for identifying talent and new employees, so participating in experiential learning is critical to your student’s success after UNH.

Motivate them to use our online resources.

We offer many online resources for students to explore different careers and prepare them for their internship or job search.  Students can access our resources through their Wildcat Careers profile and our online Career Guide.  We also offer links to diverse career related sites.  For students interested in working abroad, we use Going Global to provide international career information on topics such as job search sources, work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines, employment trends, salary ranges, and more.  For interview preparation, Interview Stream allows your student to perform a mock interview through their computer.  The program records questions and responses to help a student fine tune their interview skills.

Suggest researching different major and career paths of interest to your student.

Students enter college at all different stages in their major and career exploration process. Some know exactly what they want to be and how to get there, but most students have many unanswered questions and are not sure which major fits them best.  All academic majors allow students to develop transferable skills that are desired by employers.  It is important for students to choose a major that is a good fit with their interests and skills because ‘hot’ majors may not lead to success if they are not a good match.  The most important element in determining a choice of major should be the student's interest in and ability to do well in the field.  At the UNH Career Center, we help students engage in making informed decisions and gain perspective about the career development process.  In addition to meeting with one of our advisors, your student can also research different major and career options by visiting our Exploring UNH Majors, Potential Careers and Buzzfile pages.

Encourage them to attend Career Events on-campus.

Each semester, we sponsor various different career events on the UNH Durham campus. These events range from informational sessions, employer related events including Resume Review Day and Mock Interview Day, and our two major career fairs.  Each of these events provides students an opportunity to learn more about companies through one-on-one encounters with employers.  Many of our students make valuable first contacts with staff and recruiters at our events.  For a full listing of the career events we offer, please refer to our Career Events page.